Shoreditch Street Art Tour


Onward to East London for a street art tour. Before hitting the streets, Alex and I had an amazing brunch to hold us over through the afternoon. Looking at who we follow on Instagram, a majority of the accounts are … Continue reading...

West Side London


I think Alex and I slept through multiple alarms before finally getting up. After almost two years, I had forgotten how physically exhausting traveling Euro-style can be. Before all else, a cappuccino first.

Somerset House

Day two in London started … Continue reading...

Exploring Southwark London


‘Ello reader! As you may or may not have noticed over the past year, after graduating, going on the job hunt, settling in back home, etc. I kinda sorta abandoned my blog. Oops. I don’t have any more excuses … Continue reading...

Kale Salad Recipe


Apologies for the super late post. I’ve had my MacBook in repair for the past week– which means I didn’t have any of my pictures. Nevertheless, time for recipe number two! This is the salad I made for Conrad and … Continue reading...

Beef Wontons Recipe


Upon leaving Switzerland last December, it hit me that I would not only leave the perfect life of traveling Europe every weekend, but I would “have nothing to blog about” after. As of now, I don’t think anything beats my … Continue reading...


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